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QA Consulting

Quality now needs to be embedded into every step of the SDLC to ensure customer satisfaction. These include vital processes, skills and tooling for managing requirements, changes, test effort and defects. These also include new approaches to achieve faster delivery cycles, such as shift-left  as well as shift-right testing.

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Test Automation

DevOps adoption to achieve quicker time-to-market, has accelerated the delivery pipeline, whilst multi-channel adoption significantly increased use cases to test, thus highlighting the need for intelligent test automation.  Intelligent Test Automation drastically shortens testing time whilst improving test coverage.

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Performance Engineering

In an “instant-everything” world, customers abandon ship faster than ever before if there is a lag in user experience of websites and apps. Even if responsiveness is not the primary concern, how do you ensure the system can handle the desired load or scale as expected?

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Security Testing

Cyber attacks come in all shapes and sizes, but all cost an organisation either in reputational damage, loss of IP or actual revenue. With an ever increasing mix of environments, from on-premise to public, private and hybrid-cloud both environment and applications have to be secured.

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Some of our solutions

IT Ecology crafts solutions for our clients from these best-in-class vendors.

About IT Ecology

EXCELLENCE in Application Testing, Monitoring & Management

IT Ecology is an IT consulting company delivering value to our customers through services and solutions that help them better understand and manage their applications’ functionality, performance and user interaction throughout the Software Life Cycle (SDLC).

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Software Partners

The solutions we provide are crafted from these best-in-class solution partners. For more details, please visit our partner page or select individual solutions from the solutions menu or links above.

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