Functional Test Automation Increases Efficiency

Functional Test Automation Increases Efficiency

24 Mar 2022 Success Stories 0
Reduced Time & Cost, Increased Efficiency, and Increased Staff Skill Level

IT Ecology successfully implemented the Eggplant Functional solution at one of the biggest financial institutions in South Africa, allowing them to accelerate their testing efforts exponentially.

Initially, it took over 2 weeks to manually test the regression pack (which encompassed over 200 process flows). IT Ecology began automating these process flows using Eggplant Functional and reached full coverage in about 2 weeks. The automation was built modularly so that minimum maintenance was required after changes and the regression pack could be run within a couple of hours.

The accelerated testing time allowed the bank to shorten their testing cycles substantially, leading to a quicker release of code into production.

It also meant that the testing team had more capacity for exploratory testing and freed up enough of their testing time so that we could up-skill their manual testing resources to be able to use Eggplant Functional effectively within the scope of their various projects and applications.

Functional Test Automation

By the end of our 1-year engagement, we were able to successfully automate 1000s of test cases (which included various applications, technologies, and integration points), up-skill their testing team, and save the bank months’ worth of repeated, manual testing effort.