With over 30+ years of combined experience in the IT field, IT Ecology consultants deliver APM (Application Performance Management) services and consulting around relevant processes (ITIL/Agile/DevOps) in South Africa and abroad.

IT Ecology’s APM Model:

APM deployments that cannot prove value to the business are generally doomed in the medium to long term, no matter the amount of excitement that exists in the beginning of such a project. IT Ecology have developed a vendor-independent, ITIL-aligned Application Performance Management (APM) methodology which through the use of carefully developed questionnaires assesses an organisation’s maturity in deploying APM and makes recommendations with regards to APM disciplines, tool selection and possible shortcomings. Read More


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IT Ecology’s Service Offering:

Application Performance Assurance

Pre-production performance testing, profiling, analysis and tuning are critical activities of the APM process for any new application or new version of an application to ensure that production performance issues are kept to an absolute minimum before deploying.
IT Ecology offers a full set of pre-production disciplines needed for a successful go-live, including performance testing (load/stress/stability/scalability), application profiling and predictive analysis, WAN provisioning and capacity planning. Read More

Production Application Monitoring

The enterprise is ever changing and actionable information when changes in application performance occur must be visible by a multitude of stakeholders. Also, alerting must be effective to inform stakeholders of a problem before it impacts production users significantly.
IT Ecology offers services and solutions that ensure visibility through customisable dashboards designed with the specific audiences in mind.
Such services and solutions stretch from End-User Experience Monitoring to network traffic monitoring as well as application server monitoring. Read More

Application Performance Troubleshooting

The impact of changes cannot always be anticipated and hence occasionally, monitoring in production may show that a performance problem exists. Finding and resolving such a problem quickly and with as few resources as possible, is the key to successful APM.
IT Ecology has the skills and expertise necessary to perform Fault Domain Isolation, Root Cause Analysis and Deep-Dive diagnostics quickly and effectively. Read More

Software-related Services

We at IT Ecology pride ourselves in being able to provide services on a vast array of products and, in doing so, have built the knowledge and skills to support these products.
For all supported products (see products page) we possess the capability of implementing, maintaining, training and using the product.