The enterprise is ever changing and therefore visibility for all stakeholders must be available through detailed monitoring of application performance combined with customisable dashboard reporting. Trending application performance and resource usage in production and alerting when certain thresholds are breached is an early warning system and assists in steering operations engineers in the direction that is most critical to the business usually before too many users are affected too severely or before a critical SLA metric is breached. IT Ecology have experience in deploying many performance monitoring solutions from many different vendors which employ a multitude of measurement techniques to derive various metrics and is therefore well positioned to assist in selecting the right solution for your environment, strategic objectives and budgetary constraints. This includes what should be monitored and how, what should be reported and how, who it should be reported to and what alerts should be raised under which conditions, all so that maximum value is derived from the solution. Additionally, should a permanent solution not be desirable, IT Ecology can assist in taking a snapshot of required metrics for future comparison or auditing purposes.

End-user Experience Monitoring

End-User experience monitoring can be achieved in a number of ways, each with its own benefits and limitations. Active replay of synthetic transactions ensures measures are available even when users are not transacting but by its nature, these are not real user measures. Real user monitoring is achieved with solutions that either capture and process real user’s traffic or by solutions that make use of JAVA-script injection for web-based applications. Each technique has its pros and cons; works well for some applications and is less appropriate for others and many a time a combination of solutions ensures all bases are covered. Let IT Ecology assist you in choosing what will work best for your environment, based on your requirements.

Network Traffic Monitoring

Network Traffic Monitoring solutions vary tremendously from those yielding a basic protocol breakdown of a specific link to those showing a detailed application breakdown with response metrics for most of the network. Measurement techniques such as NetFLOW, sFLOW, RMON and real time packet capture also vary significantly in approach and the detail they can deliver. The potential deployment of these techniques varies largely dependent on equipment capabilities. IT Ecology is experienced in deploying each of these types of solutions and can quickly and objectively assess what type of solution is most appropriate for your environment.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring relies on infrastructure monitoring such as CPU, memory and disk counters as well as application and event log monitoring. In today’s complex application environments, this usually is rarely sufficient. JAVA and .NET environments require monitoring of the CLR or JVM respectively and often deep-dive diagnostics tools are needed to glean a detailed understanding of how applications perform and make use of resources in production. The list of vendors and mechanisms used to derive the required metrics is ever growing and each has specific value propositions and costs. IT Ecology’s experience with these technologies make us an ideal partner in objectively identifying which solution will achieve the best results based on your organisation’s unique goals